Smt.S.Suneetha Reddy


Dear parents and students, 

  Welcome to the Omega family! As a Principal, it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to witness an exciting and rewarding academic year. I am extremely proud of my team whose commitment and team work has created an excellent platform for the students in attaining an excellent all-round education. 

  Being an educator, I believe in nurturing the next generation by instilling skills to achieve fulfillment. By all means, my role is to inspire the staff, parents /guardians as well as the community to work together to promote the student's achievement. My role as Principal is to keep up with latest trends and research and be an active partner in the institution's professional development. At Omega, we understand the importance of being innovative and creative in learning. As a team, we are committed to produce optimistic, independent and lifelong learners. We also require your cooperation and encouragement in creating a new generation that makes the Nation proud.